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Single motherhood has been the topic of plenty of statistics, think pieces, and even comedy routines in recent years, but what is it really like to be one? Like with any complex scenario, the answer varies depending on the person involved; however, there are some general truths about being a single mother that many women can relate to. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways being a single mother in 2022 can be both fun and rewarding while also difficult and challenging.

What it Means to be a Single Mother in 2022

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Single mother with her little boy

In 2019, 80% of single parents in the United States are mothers and the number keeps increasing. It's estimated that over 33% of households with children will be headed by a single mother in 2022. The stress of being a single mom in our current fast-paced world might contribute to depression, which is especially common if a mom suffers from postpartum depression (PPD). The issue isn't helped by society's standards of beauty and worthiness which can contribute to mom stress syndrome. Mom stress syndrome refers to the emotional, physical, and mental tolls on moms after all those sleepless nights spent rocking babies back to sleep or comforting children whose nightmares won't end. Being a single mother comes with a unique set of challenges that can sometimes be overwhelming. From trying to survive financially to dealing with the psychological effects of divorce or dating as a single mom, it's important to be aware of the challenges single parents may face. However, being a single mother also has its positives. You have the opportunity to build a strong bond with your child and instill values that are important to you. You also get to be the one who decides how your family will operate and what kind of lifestyle you want to provide for your children. While being a single mother can be difficult, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

4 Common Problems Single Mothers Face

Single mothers are a rapidly growing part of the population, as norms of society and family values change. There are a variety of issues single mom encounter that are unique to their situation. This list include some of the top problems single mothers face.

A single mom situation is a result of various reasons: divorced, widowed, unplanned pregnancy/unwilling father, or break-up. Any of these scenarios could be a legal issue including child custody children's support or residency restrictions, as well as estate planning. Therefore, a single mother could end up in court to handle one of these issues.

Custody Arrangements

Based on the involvement of parents, women who have no children might be faced concerns regarding custody. The ability to physically and emotionally deal with the decisions of the courts concerning custody can be a challenge for mothers who are single. Schedules for visitation and transportation can be challenging to manage particularly if your father is uncompromising with his requirements or is far from you.

Child Support

Child support is a sum of money that is paid to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent in order to pay for the expenses of living expenses for the child. The collection of child support is only possible in the event that the support agreement has been executed through the courts. Each state has its own set of guidelines for the method of determining child support. A calculator for child support can assist you in understanding the process and give you an idea of how much you could be owed.

Co-Parenting Issues

While children tend to be with one parent most all the time the right co-parenting is still required. Co-parenting with someone whom you do not live with can be a challenge in particular when you are redefining your relationship with them.

Positive Side of Being a Single Mother on Parenting

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Single mother walking with two kids

Being a single mom is hard, but it has its rewards. You get to be both mother and father to your child, instilling in them values that you hold dear. You get to watch them grow and learn, and be there for their first steps and first words. You also get all of the cuddles amidst all the amazing experiences of raising a kid.

Strengthens the Bond Between Mother and Child

Spending moments with your baby is a way to create a special bond that is more than that in the case of a single parent. It is particularly beneficial with the parents who are custodial (one who holds sole physical custody over the child) and parents who are not custodial and are a key part of their children's lives. That said, be aware of your primary importance and do not attempt to reduce it. If you are concerned that your relationship isn't strong, strengthen it by reading books together and watching movies, or playing the games your child loves, and so on. Also, the bond your child has with you won't end and will continue to develop and grow when they are past the age of 18.

Strengthens their Sense Of Community

Kids with both parents present are sometimes raised by "the community," but kids with parents who are single are almost always raised by the community. In most cases, extended family members play an important role in a child's life and this is often the case for kids with single parents. Single parents who don't reside with their extended family members are encouraged to join communities, which could include support groups for single parents or any other community unit.

Sense of Shared Responsibilities

Children of single parents are not just given some responsibilities to handle. Typically, at an early age, they already grow a sense of responsibility and contribute to the family. One of the major reasons for this is that kids are quick to realize that their mom is handling everything on her own. Also, single parents have a role to play in this. Giving their kids chores to handle around the home makes them understand what shared responsibilities mean. That way children will appreciate the value of their work and will be able to enjoy their activities. But, it is important to establish an explicit parent-child role and structure, as well as duties so that the child doesn't get into a position of responsibility at an early age. That said, your children should be aware of the effort they put into a task. Reward or praise them for handling household chores. Also, be specific when asking them to provide assistance.

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Sense of Maturity

Children will observe parents who work at a high level, and this forces them to cooperate and work together with their parents. In addition, kids are also taught to handle their disappointments throughout their lives. To develop these capabilities, they require the guidance of their single parents. This is why it's an interaction between parents and children with a clear line of separation and structure. If you notice that your child is unhappy be supportive with empathy, understanding, and encouragement. These experiences can help children grow into compassionate and caring adults. It's not possible to stop them from feeling sad or depressed constantly however, you can help them understand their feelings.

Parental Role Modelling

Children who grow up in single-parent families will appreciate the significance of the lives of their parents. Allow your children to be able to balance their needs with those of the entire family. Encourage them to think about the needs of other people as well. Allow your kids to be able to balance their needs with those of the entire family. Learn to teach them to think about other people's needs, too.

Negative Sides of Being a Single Mother on Parenting

Being a single mother involves juggling work, home life, and childcare. You're constantly pulled in different directions and it can be hard to find time for yourself. Plus, the financial burden can be overwhelming. And if you're not careful, it's easy to get burnt out. Meanwhile, you have the kids who also often bears the brunt of it.

Emotional Issues

Your children will likely be struggling with self-esteem issues. They could be in need of love and affection, but they may not receive enough due to your hectic schedule. Therefore, they could have a hard time establishing expectations for their relationships later on in their lives. Or, they may be more prone to expectations of friendship and affection later on, but it is not an ideal relationship. They will be the ones to take the entire blame for their circumstances. It might be hard to prevent children from making comparisons, however, you can help your kids develop self-esteem. It is possible to acknowledge her when she's done something great and placing an acknowledgment card in her room that reflects her accomplishments will develop confidence in themselves. Another method to help kids improve their self-esteem is to allow them to lead when it comes to completing their tasks. This can be done by introducing some obstacles. Many single parents are desire to get involved too fast to assist their children.


This is another issue that single parents have to face. They are not in a position to share their problems with their spouses, but are unable to share their joys also. If the parent is not married due to a death in the family or any other tragic event that is tragic, it becomes more difficult that the person who is single to shoulder the burden of all kinds of obligations.

Challenges to Survive Financially

The majority of single parents work for long hours to provide for the financial needs of their family. It is essential to manage the household as well as raise the children. There could be times you must deny your children the necessities or you need to keep balancing obligations to the financial sector. Your child could be unable to pursue those opportunities that he has always dreamed of due to financial issues.

Adjustment Problems

Children may also be faced with problems of their parents who are not married. It could be a sense of poverty, loss, and the constant battles between parents. If the parents' sense of loss may be due to the loss of their spouse, the loss of a child can be a source of guidance or a defender. It can be more difficult for children who are young in years.

Low Parenting Quality

Your parenting style is affected when a variety of responsibilities are added to your day-to-day life. Working for long hours could cause you to miss important school activities for your child. You might not have the funds to pay for the services of a babysitter who can give you some time for yourself. You might be more upset in the event that you notice your child's messy habits. You can also discuss your financial, professional, or personal issues with your child. However, they may not have the maturity or emotional power to face these situations in order to support you. Spend some time with your family and discover ways to spend private time with your children. Also, take some time for yourself – It doesn't need to be lengthy, but it could suffice for self-soothing.

Tips That Help Ease Single Parenting

Try Handling the Finances First

The responsibility of caring for the family with only one source of income, or depending on your former spouse is one of the most difficult aspect of being a single parent. It is crucial to know about long-term investment options, budget your funds according to your needs, plan for retirement, and if you can, you can earn more through an additional job.

Set Up A Routine

Your day should be structured so that you provide the feeling of security your child. Keep a fairly consistent time for meals as well as a wake-up time and the time to go to bed. If you aren't able to spend time with your kids in the day due to your job, don't attempt to compensate to sleep in. The idea of letting them stay up late isn't the best option according to Leah Klungness, Ph.D. A psychologist from Long Island and coauthor of The Complete Single Mother. Children require more sleep and as a parent you should take time with your children to establish an established routine

Set Ground Rules

There will be no one to support you when it’s time to discipline the kids, so establishing certain rules of conduct will allow you to raise your children without too much stress. Some tricks that helps include:

  • Using praises/reward
  • Loss of right
  • Firm and serious voice
  • Redirect or isolate
  • Boundaries
  • Ignore
  • Being vulnerable so they can see the mom stress syndrome in their own way.
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