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Have you ever wondered what it is like to date a single dad in 2022? It might come with some unexpected twists and turns, but lots of love too! Read more to find out.

Father with child
Single dad with his daughter outside hiking

Serious Relationships

Many single dads have been in a serious relationship before, although this is not always the case. Most are looking for a serious relationship and aren't going to settle for the sort of relationship that they may have once settled for, before kids. Children bring a whole new perspective to light for single dads and help them to identify what is worth their time and what isn't. This makes Dating a single dad so refreshing. You're not worried about being strung along, wondering what the intention of his last text actually was, and if he's going to call you again or you're getting ghosted. Most single dads are upfront with you and the relationship because there is more at stake than when he was single and without kids. Single dads don't have time to waste on meaningless flirting and making plans just to cancel them an hour ahead of time.

Time for Yourself

Let's look at the benefits of dating. Dating a single dad means that he may sometimes be busy and not always available, but it also means that he takes his commitments seriously. Another benefit to this is because he has responsibilities outside your relationship, it gives you time to take care of your other relationships, friendships, or hobbies. It can be easy to be completely consumed in a new relationship and forsake parts of yourself and your happiness. Dating a single dad you'll often have the extra time when he is busy with his kids, to focus on things you might have forsaken had you given up all of your individual, free time. Women often forget about all their girlfriends when they jump into a new relationship. It can be challenging to find a balance of letting in a new man while keeping some time reserved for your friends and hobbies. When you're Dating a single dad you don't have to choose! It gives you the freedom to continue pursuing your activities while also making the time that you do have to share with your partner that much more special!

Not sure how to spend your extra time while your partner is busy? Try these ideas:

  • Start a new hobby
  • Plan a girl's night (out or in!)
  • Have a spa day or movie night

Sympathetic Partners

Single dads are also known to be loving partners. They have kissed their daughter's scraped knee and sung her a lullaby, they've rocked their son all night when his tummy was acting up. Through parenting they've learned how to love deeper and more richly than they otherwise would have been able to. The experience of being a dad has opened their heart to hold more love and given them perspective. One challenge that women often face when dating a man is that they don't feel that their partner is very receptive or sensitive to their needs or feelings. This however is not often the case with a single dad. Becoming a parent is a life-changing moment that brings you more in tune with your sensitivities and allows you to be a better listener and more sympathetic person. This character development is a great addition to any relationship!

Interesting Dates

Dating a single dad also often provides for interesting dates. Because sometimes time is limited, dates become more meaningful and the content of them matter more. Instead of meeting at a sports bar to watch the game on the big screen, he might take you on a sunset picnic to have some quiet time to relax and catch up. If he's already introduced you to his kids, you might be joining them on a trip to Disneyland or a dance recital! (Pro tip: always bring some snacks for the kids!) While some of your dates may revolve around the kids' schedules, that doesn't mean they all have to. While it is important to spend time with the whole family to see how you all fit together, it is also important to reserve one-on-one time with just each other as well. The foundation of a healthy family starts at the bond and foundation that a couple builds together. This is laid brick by brick as you begin to get to know each other and share experiences together.

  • Dating a single dad is great. It takes away lots of the stress you might meet in dating someone without kids.
  • You won't waste your time with a single dad because you can be sure that he's not wasting his time with you.
  • A great place to start looking is online. Single dads aren't usually out at the bars and you might mistake a married dad for a single dad at the park!
  • Most of the dating scene has transferred to virtual format and for single dads it is no different. Good luck out there exploring the dating world!

Now that you've learned what it is like to date a single dad, the next step is to find one! If you have extra time to read more there are few discussions on Reddit about the topic: Some Realizations while dating a single father, Dating a single dad

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