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Single parents are more likely to exhibit the kind of maturity, reliability, and fortitude that are desired in a partner. There are a few unique things to watch out for when dating a single mother because being a single parent can make it difficult to be the best loving partner you can be.


A single mother, often known as a "single mom", is an unmarried woman who is a single parent and receives little to no support from the father of her child(ren). She can be very young or mature person, so being in her 20s or in her 40s.

These are moms who can be considered single or solo moms:

  • Divorced moms
  • Never married moms who don’t live with their kids’ other parent/father
  • Single moms by choice
  • Single adoptive or foster moms
  • Remarried moms
  • Widowed moms
  • Moms with 50/50 custody and otherwise involved co-parents


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Stop Sign represents red flag in dating

What is a red flag in dating?

Red flags are cautionary signs that denote unpleasant or deceptive behavior in relationships. Red flags can be manifestations of aggressiveness, victimization, narcissism, or even abusive behavior. You can prevent yourself from entering a toxic relationship by becoming aware of certain typical red flags.

1. She is going through a difficult divorce

Even though it's not her fault, this might not be the best moment to start a new relationship. It's probably not a good idea to start a relationship if she has a lot of court dates coming up, she has legal expenses to pay, and things with her soon-to-be ex aren't going well. It's not a red flag against her as a potential companion, but proceed cautiously and carefully weigh your options.

  • If the divorce seems to be moving very quickly and she seems emotionally content with how things are going, this may not be a huge deal.

  • This isn’t to say that you can’t date her in the future! If her divorce is finalized in the next month or two and she’s ready to date again, there’s no problem with dating.

2. She keeps bringing up her ex in conversation

When you're together, her ex shouldn't be a significant topic of discussion. This is generally a clue that she hasn't moved on from her ex. Alternatively, it could indicate that she is attempting to play a game with you. Whatever the case may be, it's a significant red flag that she isn't ready to be with you. She is forever linked to her children's father, and it's best if they get along, but he shouldn't be a significant topic of conversation on date night.

  • If the two of you haven't started dating yet and are debating whether it's a smart idea, her connection with her ex should tell you a lot. If she can't stop bragging about how fantastic he is, that's a red flag and you shouldn't be involved.

3. She constantly criticizes her ex

If she can’t stop criticizing her ex, it’s a big red flag. Everyone occasionally has to vent, but she ought to attempt to hold it back when she's around you. It should only be about the two of you on a date. She may be stuck in the drama or too emotionally invested in her ex to be able to live in the moment if she constantly talks about him. You might want to stay away because it might even mean that she still has feelings for them.

  • If this is an unusual occurrence, you might not want to take it too seriously. The occasional complaint can just be a person's way of letting things off.
  • If she appears reluctant to discuss her ex with you, it's a great sign as It implies that she's attempting to create a relationship with you.
  • A healthy connection between her and her ex should resemble a formal one. They ought to be kind and respectful, but not overly emotionally invested in one another.

4. She wants you to meet her kids straight away

She needs to be a little wary of introducing a new partner to her kids. Her primary responsibility as a single mom is to safeguard and care for her kids. Even though you may be a decent man, it's typical for women to be wary of anyone who might interact with their children. She might be a little bit careless and irresponsible if she is overly enthusiastic about taking you home to meet her children.

  • Don't pressure her to meet her children; let her bring up the topic naturally. However, don't be afraid to speak out when she finally does. Her children play a significant role in her life, if she wants you to meet her children after some months of dating, it's a clear indication that she's ready to move on.
  • If it's being 6–12 months and she still adamantly refuses to introduce you, that could also be a red flag. When she introduces you is entirely up to her, but if things have been going well, she ought to at least be curious about doing so.

Red flags of dating a single mom include:

  • She is going through a difficult divorce
  • She wants you to cover every expense
  • She constantly criticizes her ex.
  • She wants you to meet her kids straight away
  • She doesn't prioritize her kids.
  • She wants you to be a part of her ex-drama.

5. She wants you to cover every expense.

Even though raising children is expensive, if she's dating, she ought to be financially stable. If you're seeking a long-term partner but you and she seem to have different financial aspirations, this could be a cause for concern. You should be wary if she never even suggests splitting the check or paying for her coffee during your lunch date. Money problems are the leading cause of divorce, so you might want to look into this.

  • On your next date, you could consider splitting the bill to see what she thinks. It might not be a big concern if she is honest about not having a lot of money right now due to an expensive divorce or anything similar.

6. She doesn't prioritize her kids.

It's a terrible sign if a single mom doesn't prioritize her kids over you or anything else. Children must come first, and if a mother doesn't treat her kids with respect, you should be very cautious about dating her. Why? mostly because it shows that she doesn't set her priority rights. It's not a good sign if she frequently forgoes her kids' sporting events, competitions, field trips, or school performances to spend time with you. Not only does her failure to prioritize her children reveal much about her as a mother, but it also reveals much about her as a person. It demonstrates her maturity, sensitivity, and maternal qualities.

7. She wants you to be a part of her ex-drama.

People who are experiencing drama in their lives may send bad energy around. The turmoil between her and her ex is one of the warning signs if you're considering dating a single mother. Particularly, if she wants to involve you in it!

You must keep in mind that even if you're the one who arrives after their marriage broke down, their child is something that will always keep them in touch and It's an excellent starting point for heated debates, or even worse if they're already at odds.

She should resolve those problems on her own and keep you out of the situation, but you should also avoid getting involved if she attempts to drag you in and crosses that line. If she asks you to save or defend her, exercise caution it is a big red flag.

Picture of a Single Mother with child sitting
Single Mom and child relationship


In conclusion, dating a single mother like every other relationship has its unique challenges. You'd experience less stress if you are prepared for them.

Although we've highlighted certain red flags to look out for when dating a single mother, it's ultimately up to you to decide whether or not these red flags are something to worry about.

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