Single Mom Resources


As a single mom, you may be searching for ways to get help in your current situation. Below you will find a few ideas that can help you in your journey of being a successful single mom.

Single Mom Resources

Planner with resources for single moms
Planner with resources for single moms

Going through life as a single mother has unique challenges. You are raising your children with the pressure of playing the positions of both mom and dad, making enough money to support them by yourself, among many daily challenges you will face. Sometimes you might need emotional assistance, someone who can understand your situation and isn’t going to shame you for how you handle things.

During other times you may need monetary or physical help. You may feel overwhelmed at times, but there are a few different ways you can reach out and receive a helping hand for you and your kids.

Keep reading to learn about some resources that can help you as a single mother.

Like Minded Support

Becoming and living as a single parent can be emotionally taxing for a whole host of reasons. Reasons that a co-parent may not quite understand or even shame you for voicing your issues.

If you don’t have other single mothers in your life already, or if you don’t connect with the moms you know in your community then you could check out online support groups for single mothers.

Among local Facebook groups you can find by searching Facebook groups, you can try out this popular Facebook group Surviving Single Parenthood With 113k members you will be able to find other moms that can relate to your situations, whether financial or emotional and receive advice from people who have been in your shoes and know how tough it is as a single mom.

This reddit page has around 10k active users and they have tags that you can associate with your post to help get you what you need, such as ‘support needed’, ‘advice wanted’, or ‘Venting – no advice please’.


To help you overcome the many disadvantages you have as a single mother, there are many government assistance programs, school grants, and even tax breaks you can qualify for depending on where you live. Social Security

Snap is a program available to almost all the single mothers in the US. One of the awesome things about this program is in most states you can apply completely online, so you don’t have to take your kids to apply for SNAP with you.

The only exceptions to getting accepted for benefits are when you make more than the income limits that they set.

These limits do change, so if you were once denied don’t be afraid to check back in the next year to see if you now qualify.

  • Government assistance program you can take advantage of is Medicaid Let’s face it, medical care is one of the most expensive things a parent has to provide for their children.

Especially if your job doesn’t offer health insurance and you are required to pay for it out of pocket. This program can help you afford the dental and medical check ups that are needed to ensure your kids are living a healthy life.

One thing to search into google would be Rental assistance for single mothers. You will find many useful local assistance programs this way.

  • Have a solid support system in your location
  • Create a family budget plan
  • Apply for government assistance
  • Have your kids help with chores


Finances can be a frustrating and overwhelming task to try and grasp. Especially if you truly feel you will always be behind on bills and can’t pay them on time – let alone save. You may feel like creating a budget is a fruitless venture if you are constantly needing your credit cards to make ends meet.

However, a budget will be essential to your success as a single mother, it may be a daunting task but there are some apps that can help you. No complicated spreadsheet required!

  • Daily Budget app. On the Apple app store there is an app called ‘Daily Budget’ which is free to use. The app boasts a 4.7 star review on the Apple Store and a simple interface that isn’t difficult to figure out.

This app is great because you can enter in all your expenses and income, and it will tell you how much you can spend each day. If you don’t spend all of your ‘daily budget’ then that amount will carry over to the next day.

So for example, if you only have $9 today to spend, and you spend $5 on a coffee, tomorrow it will show you have $13 to spend. This app essential breaks down how much money you have to spend on non-necessities and splits it into a 30-31 day period.


A resource you may have not thought of, are your own kids!

On top of your laundry list of duties as a single mother, you have this time-consuming task of maintaining an orderly living space.

  • One way you can establish household order is to create a chore list for your kids.

Depending on their age and maturity level they can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Here is general guide of chores kids are capable of by age. Child Development Institute

Every kid is different, so you may find yourself needing to offer more supervision than you would like in the beginning, but don’t get frustrated when they don’t do it to your standards.

They will require time to learn how to meet your expectations, but by taking the time to teach them how to be more self-sufficient will be better for you and your kids in the long run.

Once they’ve hit grade school, they are capable of handling chores such as cleaning off the dinner table, vacuuming, sweeping, or picking up the dog excrement from the backyard.

Once they reach middle school, they will be able to help with bigger chores like mowing the grass, watching their younger siblings, doing their laundry, or wheeling the trash in and out for trash day.

In Conclusion

As a single mom you will face adversity as you go through life, but there are ways you can get help from others so you can ensure that you are the strongest version of yourself that will enable you to be the best mom for your kids.

Being a single mom doesn’t need to have a negative connotation with it, in fact being raised by a single mom that is resilient can teach kids a level of independence and drive they otherwise wouldn’t attain.

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