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Being a single parent can be a lonely experience. Of course, you will have your kids around you all the time, and your friends and family, but it’s not the same as having another adult in the household going through everything with you. This is where single-parent groups come in handy. These days, with electronics everywhere, it’s easy to find groups of single parents in your area to meet up with. You can meet people who are going through the same thing that you are, and your kid or kids can meet new kids at the same time. Below, you will find 10 ways to find single parent groups near me.

Single Parents Social Groups
All kinds single parent social groups

Why should you join a single parenting group?

When you are going through something as stressful as raising kids on your own, it’s hard to find time to socialize. This, on top of the fact that you don’t have a partner raising the kids with you, often makes single parents feel very lonely. And that’s where single parenting groups come in. Single parenting groups are a great place to meet other single parents who are going through the same thing that you are. They also tend to be very family-friendly, most letting you bring your kids so that they can meet new friends as well. Don’t worry though, you can find some adults-only groups for the times when you need to really let loose. It's not easy for single parents to find time to socialize, so being able to take your kids to a park or to a nature walk while you socialize with other single parents is really what draws people to these groups. It’s also easy to find single-parent groups near you so it won’t be adding any new stress to your already stressful life.

Finding single parenting groups near me

These days you can find everything you could possibly need online. What this means is that it is now super easy to find single parenting groups near you. There are several apps and websites you can use, as well as some places in your community that may be hosting groups for single parents.

  1. Meetup
  2. Support Groups
  3. Single & Parenting
  4. Community Center
  5. Facebook
  6. National At-Home Dad Network
  7. Parents Without Partners
  8. Psychology Today
  9. The Bump
  10. Fit4Mom

Support Groups

If you are needing to get something off of your chest, some advice from other single parents, or just need to share something that is big to you that other people may not understand, then Support Groups is for you. Support Groups is a website that lets you do all of these things online. Also, it can all be done anonymously. This means that you don’t need to use your real name so no one will ever know it’s you unless you tell them. You can sign up on this page Support Groups by simply putting in your email, making a password, and picking a username. Then you simply need to search for the group you are looking for, whether it’s single moms, single dads, or single parenting in general.

Single & Parenting

Single & Parenting, which can be found here Single & Parenting is a website that will let you find support groups in your area. These groups are supposed to help single parents with their mental health and give them the opportunity to share tips and tricks with each other. To find classes near you, all you have to do is look up your zip code. If there is not a group in your area, you can volunteer to start one, though you have to pay for the materials.

Community Center

Community centers offer a ton of classes and group activities. If you are a single parent, checking out what your community center has to offer can be extremely helpful. Many community centers host support groups of all kinds. This means that there is a chance that yours has a single parenting support group. Many community centers also have large play groups for your kids to play with toys that they may not normally be able to and to socialize with other kids. These playtimes are good in more ways than one though. It is a great opportunity for you to meet other single parents in a less formal environment. Parents tend to group together at these playtimes, so there is a good chance that you will meet a big group of single parents.

MeetupSingle parents meetup

Meetup of single parents sitting in circle
Single parents meetup

Meetup, which you can find here Meetup , is a website and app that lets you find a support group in your area. You simply put in what type of group you are looking for and the area where you live, and it will show you groups that fit your search. It can be a large group setting, but each one is different. You can find groups that meet up at parks and others that meet at nature walks and everything in between. Most of them are for in-person events, but some may still be meeting over zoom because of Covid-19.


Over the years, Facebook, which can be found here Facebook has launched many new features. One of these features is groups. You can find groups for literally anything. If you like plants, there are groups dedicated to taking care of them. If you like photography, there are groups to show off your pictures and groups to teach you how to become better at photography. And there are also groups for single parents. You can look up single parenting groups in your city, and any that exist on Facebook will come up. If there aren’t any that are specific to your location, what you can also do is join a large online group, ask if there are people from your city and if there are start a new group in your area to meet up in person.

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National At-Home Dad Network

Single dads aren’t talked about as much as single moms are. Even when people think about single parenting, they often just think about a mom parenting on her own. There are also way more single moms in the United States than there are single dads. But thanks to the National At-Home Dad Network, which you can find here National At-Home Dad Network you can find dad support groups in nearly every state. This list goes alphabetically and has links to some of the best single dad groups in each state.

Parents Without Partners

Parents Without Partners is a website where single parents can find support groups in their area. This website, which you can find here Parents Without Partners lets any person who is the parent of one or more kids and who does not have a partner join. Custody doesn’t matter to them. They have a map that lets you find groups near you, as well as a phone number that you can call and a Facebook group that you can join. Parents Without Partners does want to make it clear that they are not a dating site, they are just a site for single parents to find other single parents near them.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today helps single parents find support groups near them that are led by professionals. You can find the website here Psychology Today and simply put in your zip code. Then you can find groups in your area that are led by professional therapists and counselors. You can easily find a group that meets at a time that fits your schedule.

  1. Support groups give single parents the opportunity to meet other single parents near them.
  2. Single parents will have the opportunity to get things off their chest and get tips and tricks.
  3. You can find groups that meet in person or find some that are only online.

The Bump

If you are someone who is wanting some support but feel that you don’t want or that you don't need anything too formal, check out The Bump forums. You can find a variety of topics quickly from real people in the same boat as you. Plus, if you join you can create your own postings. It is mainly single moms on this website, but there are a few single dads on here that are also looking for some advice and support.


Fit4Mom is a bit different than a support group. It's really more of a group of moms that is supporting each other than a real support group. It is where moms can find groups of other moms who are into exercising and join them for a class. These moms are supporting each other and rooting each other on. The website, which you can find here Fit4Mom, also offers playgroups and other events in your area as well as workout classes. If you want a group of supportive moms to help motivate you, then this is the place for you.

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