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Numerous organizations are offering financial aid to single mothers and their kids. Many of them are NGOs, and they are established to offer assistance to single parents, including free food, clothing, one-parent aid, holiday aid, or other basic amenities. In some instances, the aid could involve financial assistance. There are other options for single parents with incomes that qualify for government grants for childcare or emergency housing as well as help with other costs. In this article, we’ll go over where to find single parent help and the best resources a lot of single parents aren’t aware of.

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How to Get Financial Assistance as a Single Parent?

The task of raising children on your own isn't easy. Whether you're just starting the journey or have had kids for some time, there will likely be situations when you need assistance. If you find yourself in that situation it is crucial to be aware of where you can receive financial assistance based on your needs. Below are your top options for single parents to get help.

Friends and Family

As a single parent, you’ll always need support, especially for single parents who work. In those times when you need help, don't forget those closest to you. For instance, they might be willing to assist you to get through a setback that is temporary like needing to cover an automobile or home repair in the middle of the night, or assist you with taking care of your child when working a second job or cutting down on the amount of child childcare.

Community Organizations

The local churches, religious associations, and community groups might also be able to offer some assistance temporarily or guide you towards other available financial assistance for single parents in your neighborhood. Community organizations often know charities that offer help to the community.


TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). It is a program that was previously referred to in the past as "luxury". It is among the most commonly used types of support provided by the government for single mothers. However, the government has altered the rules for eligibility to require those who qualify to work part-time or demonstrate that they are in search of a job. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


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WIC is for single parent help

As one of the benefits the government offers to single mothers, the WIC (a symbol for women babies, and children) is among the most beneficial benefits. It's a feeding program designed for pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, or children who have kids younger than 5 years. WIC

Food Pantries

Another source of single parent help is the local food distribution network local in your area. They are also known as "food banks". They provide essential food items like rice, pasta as well as canned vegetables, and even items for toiletries. In the majority of cases, food banks are restricted to non-perishable items, however some offer eggs and milk. For holidays, they may offer frozen pork or turkeys. For example California’s Food Bank

Dial 2-1-1

Aside from these programs, there are a variety of local resources of help for single parents that might not be well-known. To access these services, call the Local 1-2-1 hotline. Simply tell the operator the type of assistance you require as well as what help you're currently receiving.

Child Support

As much as child support often comes with controversies between both parents, it is a key source of financial assistance even for parents who work. Even if the payments are inconsistent, it is still important and can make a lot of difference, especially if you have more than one child to care for.


There are numerous aids for single parents Even parents who work can benefit from financial aids Financial assistance for single parents comes with eligibility requirements

Charities that offer Single Parent Help

There are several charities for sole parents across the United States that offer support to fathers and mothers who are raising their kids on their own. If you’re looking to donate, you could in the form of financial assistance, supply donations as well as emotional and educational assistance. If you're searching for an organization that is worthy of tax-free donations or seeking assistance as a single parent, the organizations below are great places to look into. However, most of them are local and support families within their local communities.

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope works with churches and Christian organizations to help assist single mothers and their children who are facing the challenge of being homeless. With assistance from an FAO case manager, a small number of volunteers assist families in dire need. From finding an apartment to financial assistance and emotional advice, the program could be extremely beneficial to families who are struggling.

Extended Family

The Extended Family helps single parents and orphans within the San Fernando Valley. The beneficiaries must reside in the region, and their parents must be employed. The organization’s mission statement says "reward, inspire, and empower hard-working parents." If you have a family member who needs help it is essential to recognize how the family generally cooperates with other groups to locate eligible people. The charity is located in Woodland Hills, California. It is a charity that also focuses on single parents who work.

Fellowship Housing

Fellowship Housing meets the needs of semi-displaced or non-displaced mothers and their children who live in northern suburbs in northwestern Chicago. Its office can be found in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The program offers two years of support during the transition to locate a permanent home for families in need. From housing as well as financial, and physical needs, the group strives to help single moms "move to hope".

Single Mothers Outreach

Single Mothers Outreach helps local single mothers in Santa Clarita, California. The objective is to make the organization self-sufficient through a range of free services. The group offers support groups and workshops as well as educational and technological programs for single mothers. Parents who are struggling with housing, childcare job, or personal problems can seek help and support from Single Mothers Outreach.

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parent Advocate is a faith-based organization that assists families with one parent. It is located within Dallas, Texas, it encompasses families and institutions across the United States. The ability to assist parents is one of the primary goals of the company. They accomplish this by various methods that include education, as well as helping to locate emergency cash resources for single parents. They donate school supplies as well as personal items, such as games and books for struggling families.

Emergency Cash Assistance for Single Parents

Financial assistance often solves most of the challenges a single parent faces, and in some situations it might be an emergency. Here are two options for emergency cash single parents can tap into.

Home Assistance for Single Parents

Section 8 Housing Section of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development offers rental assistance for families with low incomes, a majority of them are single-parent families. Part 1 of Section 8 helps owners build or remodel homes, and reserves the majority of rental units for low-income families. Another section provides directly to those who are eligible for tenants with low income. To know if you are eligible to receive Section 8 assistance you must show that your income is under certain thresholds. HUD's website helps determine whether or not you’re qualified to be a part of this Section 8 program.

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Financial Assistance for Education

While the majority of college financial aid programs are available to all students depending on academic credentials and financial requirements, some scholarships are only available to single parents. Raise the Nation, a scholarship fund run by the Raise the Nation Foundation, is one of the most popular financial assistance for education. Another popular one is Capture the Dream, which is open to single parents living in northern California, San Francisco Bay area to be exact.

Government Programs that Offer Single Parent Help

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Government Programs for single parents

National School Lunch Program

The program offers meals at a reduced cost for children. They distribute applications to all children at the beginning of each school year, however, parents can apply at any time.

Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service program (SFSP) ensures that children of low-income households remain nourished during the summer months when school is closed. Through the summer, of 2019 the USDA offered more than 140 million meals to kids who were 18 years old or younger in accredited SFSP locations. SFSP

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP delivers benefits via a debit card system. The participants receive a SNAP card that they can use at stores, grocery stores, and other retailers who accept SNAP to purchase nutritious food. SNAP

The Emergency Food Assistance Program

Families, single parents, and individuals with low incomes are eligible for food assistance through the Emergency Food Assistance Program. To be eligible, each family's income must not exceed the federal guidelines of the USDA. This is a resourceful aid for single moms and dads.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF assists struggling families in achieving self-sufficiency by providing financial assistance and grants. To be eligible, beneficiaries must prove that they are actively following the steps specified in the form for application. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


Through Medicaid, low-income households can access medical assistance through state-run programs. Medicaid eligibility criteria differ for each state so go to their website to find out whether you're eligible. Medicaid

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP offers energy-related grants and assistance for single parents and others who meet its eligibility requirements. The program offers funds to help with costs like the cost of energy for your home and repairs due to issues with energy. LIHEAP

Head Start

Head Start offers access to preschool for free for kids aged five and below. A lot of Head Start programs also offer Early Head Start support for pregnant women, infants, and toddlers.

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