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Raising kids is something that is time-consuming and hard to do. Parents must figure out how to raise their kids and provide for them all while paying the bills and maintaining the home. For a typical family with two parents in the household, all of this is split between two people. But when it is a single parent home, everything is on the one parent. It can be challenging for a single parent to figure out how to ensure their family has the best home life possible when dealing with the many things that come with a single-parent household. Below, you will find 10 of the challenges that you will face in a single parent home and how to get through them.

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What is a single parent home?

A single parent home is simply a home where there is one parent who is taking care of one or more kids under the age of 18 by themselves. So instead of having two parents in the home, it’s just one. A traditional family example is any household where there are two parents who are both taking care of the kids and contributing to the household. A single-parent household is still considered strange by many people even though there are so many of them out there now. Instead of having everything split between two parents, it’s all on one parent. A single mom or dad has a lot of things to do, including raising the kids, working, paying the bills, and maintaining the home, just to name a few.

Single-parent household statistics

There are a lot of statistics about everything you can imagine these days, including single parents. Actually, the United States has the highest population of single parents, with about 23% of kids under the age of 18 living in a household with one parent, which you can find here Pew Research Center . Considering how many kids are in the United States, this is a very large number. Although both moms and dads can be single parents, the majority of households with single parents have single moms as the head of the household. In fact, this website Single Parent Project reports that 86% of single-parent families are led by moms.

7 challenges in single parent homes

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. Being a single parent comes with even more challenges. Some are easier to overcome or deal with than others, but they are all stressful. Some of the challenges that come with having a single parent home are:

  1. Work/life balance
  2. Money issues
  3. Parenting
  4. Judgment from others
  5. The effects of single parent households
  6. Finding a place to live
  7. Buying a home

Work/life balance

Everyone struggles to find a work/life balance at some point in their lives. Some people may manage to actually find a way to balance it while others may always struggle with parts of it. When you become a single parent, whether it’s by choice or not, it becomes a struggle like never before. To bring you some more statistics, according to research that you can find at this website Very well family , 50% of single mothers work at a full-time job. This number does not include single fathers or single parents who work part-time jobs. When dealing with being a single parent and working, it’s very hard to balance taking care of the kids and spending time with them, providing for them financially, and paying the bills. What can help is creating a very clear and set schedule. With a schedule in place, you can know exactly when you are busy with work and school activities and when you have free time to relax and hang out as a family.

Money issues

There are many facts about single parent households floating around out there. But some of the things that you think are facts aren’t actually true. For example, many people think that single parent households are poor and are always struggling financially. While this can be true, it’s not always and that’s the important part. Many single parents do struggle to make ends meet. And when you think about the fact that they have to pay all of the bills, buy groceries, and buy clothes for themselves and their kids, it’s easy to see how money can be very tight very quickly. Money issues can be a huge struggle for many single parent households. But not all. Some parents may have been at a good place in their career before they became single parents, some may be running their own successful business, and some may even be working and doing a side hustle. These days there are so many ways to make money that don’t require a traditional job and many single parents are doing them so that their families don’t struggle financially.

  1. There are a lot of statistics surrounding single parents.
  2. About 23% of kids under the age of 18 in the United States live in a single parent home.
  3. There are many challenges that come with single parenthood, including buying a home and dealing with judgment from others.


In a normal or traditional family example, there are two parents in the home that are both working, paying the bills, maintaining the home, and parenting together. But when you are a single parent, it’s all on you. When it comes to the parenting side of things, it can be especially hard when you are a single parent. Figuring out how to take care of the kids, how to teach them what they need to know about life, disciplining them when they misbehave, and everything else that will come along with it. Things can be even more complicated if you have to co-parent with the kids’ other parent. What many single parents find helpful is finding a group of other single parents to help support them. Other single parents that have gone through what you are going through, that are going through the same thing, can help support you through any situation and can even give you some advice.

Judgement from others

Everyone judges other people their entire life. But when you are a parent, people seem to make it easy to see that they are judging you, which can be even worse when you are a single parent. People will judge every parenting decision that you make and tell why you should feel the way that they feel. Single parents will be judged even for the way they dress their kids. Moms are often thought to be able to have everything under control so when a single mom brings the kids in late to school or doesn’t have their hair done, they are judged very harshly by others. When people see single dads, they often assume that they took the kids out so mom could have a break. But when they find out that they are a single dad, people will want to know what happened to the other parent and judge them for that. There is no way to stop people from judging you and when people make their judgments known it’s always going to feel hurtful. But it’s important to remind yourself that you are an amazing parent and that you and your kids are happy and healthy.

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The effects of single parent households

When you are a parent, you always know that your kids are at risk for many things in their lives. This is also true for single parents, though the risks can be different. For example, many single parents find it hard to discipline their kids because they don’t want to be the bad guy. But this can cause behavioral problems throughout their later lives and puts them at a higher risk of going to jail. There is also a higher risk of kids from single parent households becoming single parents themselves at some point in their lives. There are also many good effects of single parent households though. One way you see this is by the parent/child bond. Many single parents have a very strong bond with their kids since they do so much together. This can mean that your kids will want to have the same kind of bond with their kids. Kids in single parent households can also do well in high-stress situations because they’ve been in or seen a lot of high-stress situations already. This means they already know how to calm down and deal with the situation in some way.

Finding a place to live

Single parent families may have trouble finding the best place to live. It’s hard to figure out if you should live close to your work so that there is less travel time which would mean that you could spend more time with the kids, or if you should find an area with other kids so they can make friends. It’s also hard to figure out where to live school district wise because you want to make sure your kids get the best education that you can give them. There really is no right answer to this. It depends on the home that you find and if you feel that you can afford it and still give your child the life that they deserve.

Buying a home

Buying a home when you are a single parent can be hard. So hard that it feels impossible to even do. With the right savings plan in place, it can be accomplished though. Even just putting ten dollars into a savings account every time you get paid can help you save up enough money to buy a house. You can also ask for help from your parents. You can ask them to help you cover part of the cost, paying them back in time, or ask them to co-sign a home loan with you. Of course, you can also ask a friend to help you as well, but it can feel awkward to ask friends about their financial situation.

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