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Being a single mom is tough to handle sometimes. Especially when you add working into the equation. It can be hard to juggle working, raising your kid or kids, and maintaining the household when you are on your own. Almost every single mom in the world has to work to ensure that her kids have the life they deserve and to support their families. But it comes with a lot of challenges, some of which are burnout and childcare problems. It can also be difficult for a single working mom to find a job willing to work around the fact that you sometimes have to put your kids first. Find out different ways to deal with the challenges you will face, tips on finding a job, and more to ensure that you are a successful single working mom below.

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Single working mom

What is a single working mom?

To answer this question, you first have to know what a single mom is. So, a single mom is a mom who is taking care of the kid or kids by herself. Even if custody is split in some way, whether it is 50/50 or only on the weekends, the mom would be considered a single mom. When you say single working mom you are simply referring to a single mom that is also working. In the majority of cases, this will be the case. Single moms need to support their families and pay the bills, and the only way to do that is with a job. It is very rare that child support can pay all of the bills and give you any spending money for clothes and groceries. And in some cases, it is not even a possibility at all since many women choose to become single moms and do not wait for the perfect man to start a family. As challenging as it may seem, single mothers all over the world are parenting their children and working and are still able to live the life that they want.


There are many challenges that come with being a single working mom. Some are pretty obvious, while others may be something that you had not even thought about. Becoming a successful single mother is hard and not something that will happen overnight. It will take time to figure out how to balance everything to make your life, and your kids' lives, the best they can be. You will have to deal with and overcome many challenges but you can do it. Some of the challenges that you will face are:

  1. Childcare
  2. Burnout
  3. Stress from work
  4. Mental health
  5. Finding a job
  6. Keeping your job


One of the biggest challenges that single working parents will face is childcare. Childcare can be hard to figure out when in a household with two parents, but it is much more difficult when you are a single parent. When the kids are in school, it can be incredibly helpful. Many single moms see it as free childcare where their kids get to learn also. It is when they don’t go to school, get out of school while you are still working, or during the summer vacation that things get tricky. Many single moms can’t afford daycares long-term. Some states may have programs to help with this, but not many do. Paying for a nanny or babysitter is another option, but it also has its own challenges. Sometimes things come up and the nanny or babysitter won’t be able to watch your kids. This would mean that you have to cancel plans and possibly call in sick to work if you can’t find someone else.


Something that a lot of single moms go through is burnout. But what is it exactly? According to the dictionary burnout is fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity. It’s pretty safe to say that every single mom out there has felt like this at some point. A single mom's life is filled with constant stress, they seem to be moving everywhere as they try to get everything done, and they are working on top of it all. Despite how many single working moms go through burnout it’s not something that is talked about all that often. It’s important that when you do go through it, you have a support team in place. Have friends and family members take the kids for a night or day, and talk to your boss to see if there is any way to ease back just a little. Also, make sure that you make time to take care of yourself.

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Stress from work

When you have a job, you are used to it being stressful. If you are a working parent, it can make things a bit harder but usually, with two parents in the household, things are still manageable all around. But when you are trying to be a successful single mother and dealing with the kids and maintaining the household and stress from work, it can all start to feel like too much. It can be hard for single mothers to find jobs that have a flexible enough schedule for them to not need a babysitter at some point during the day or night. And, depending on the job, it can be hard to meet deadlines or be passed on for a promotion because you have so much else going on. Many employers don’t understand that when you are a single mom, you can’t be entirely dedicated to your job.

Mental health

Mental health goes hand in hand with burnout. When you are trying to do everything it can become too much. Many single moms deal with being depressed and angry every single day once their mental health has gotten really bad. And these are just a few of the psychological effects that come with trying to be a successful single mother. Not taking care of your mental health can lead to burnout, but it can also make everything in your life feel so much harder than it already is. Taking care of your mental health may feel like a big hassle, but it can make a world of difference in your life. Taking some time to take care of yourself, even for just five minutes a day, can make your life so much better, which this blog talks about. Finding something to help you de-stress, even if you just do it once a week, will help your mental health immensely.

  1. A single mom is a mom who takes care of one or more kids under the age of 18.
  2. Being a successful single mother brings many challenges, including childcare stress, burnout, stress from work, and mental health.
  3. Single mothers need to find time to take care of themselves and their mental health, even if it’s just five minutes a day or once a week.

Finding a job

For people who are trying to be a successful single mother, it can be hard to find the perfect job that fits your schedule. You want to find a job that is understanding of your home life and willing to work around it, pays well, and ideally gives you room to grow within the company. But for many single mothers, this will sound really unrealistic. There are quite a few places to find jobs that meet your needs though. There are many online websites, like Indeed and LinkedIn, where you can find jobs that fit your needs. Many of these websites allow you to make searches for jobs that are very specific, including the hours that you want to work. Another option is to find work-from-home jobs. For a full list of work-from-home jobs, you can check out famous website Fivver, but a few options are freelance writing, bookkeeping, and content management. Work-from-home jobs may not be for everyone, but they do tend to have very flexible schedules.

Keeping your job

Keeping your job when you are a single mom can be hard. It’s hard to be a successful single mother when you are constantly switching jobs. But keeping a job can be a lot harder said than done. One thing that can help you keep a job for a long period of time is communication. Be open and honest with your employer about your home situation. Make it clear that you are a single mom that has to take care of your kids and that sometimes that may mean that you have to leave early or that you can’t come in. See if they are willing to let you work the same hours that your kids are in school or just during the day. Many companies are more than willing to work with you if you are honest and open about it from the beginning. Communication is important in all areas of your life, and your work life is no different.

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