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As a single parent you may feel alone. If you need ideas on how to make connections as a single parent with people who will understand, keep reading. This is another article about where single parents meet these days.

Are you a single parent looking for a partner that can handle a life with kids?

The good news is that the future is full of options for you, because in America 23% of households with children are raised by a single parent in 2022.U.S. Census Bureau That means almost a quarter of all parents are doing it alone too and potentially desire that extra special connection as you do. You are not alone in your desire for companionship. It could be beneficial for a mother or father to find out where single people meet date another single parent that can understand your struggles as a single mom or dad, someone who is willing to switch off days for picking up the kids from school, or sporting events, making dinner, etc.

Humans have a desire to have strong, successful relationships. It is only natural to crave the intimacy that comes with a happy and safe relationship. A few of the benefits of being in a committed relationship are less stress, cultivating healthier behaviors, and a greater sense of purpose. Northwestern Medicine Having a successful relationship with a mate can help mold a positive outlook on relationships for your kids. Showing them how to love someone and be loved by someone will be a skill they will use for the rest of their life, not only in romantic relationships but casual and professional relationships as well.

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Single parents meet each other and having a date

So how do you begin to dip your toe back into that dating pool?

It may seem impossible at times to think about connecting with someone that you haven’t already met or have some sort of daily interaction with. There are many people looking for a connection in your city or the next town over that you haven’t even met yet. You will have to open yourself to situations that will cultivate interaction with other single parents out there. It’s not as impossible as you might think.

Keep reading for multiple different roads you can take that will help connect you with other single parents out there!

Finding common activities

One of the best ways to meet potential partners who have the same common interest as you, are to do those things! If you like to go indoor rock climbing with the kids, go do that! Spend a couple hours at a trampoline park, or try going on walks/bike rides, going to the park, etc. Get out there and broaden your horizons! The kids will love it and you will probably get some relief from your stress at the same time.

For instance, let’s say you want to go purchase some baseball gear with your kid at the local sporting goods store. You have some questions for the employees but don’t see anyone of them around. So, you approach a guy standing with his son in the baseball aisle and ask a few harmless questions about bat sizing, where to sign up for leagues in your city, or some batting cages in the area. You could be a conversation away from finding a commonality with this person, and that could turn into something more.

It can be tiring to provide for and raise the children by yourself, but you might as well get some enjoyment out of your life and do the things that would bring you and your kids joy along the way. Having more happiness in your life is just the energy that will attract the right kind of person into your life. Being a single mom or dad doesn’t mean you can’t go do adventurous and fun things! If you are out in the world doing activities, you will have a greater chance of meeting another single parent who would want to do the same things you like to do.

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Dating Apps

Another great way to meet fellow single parents is using dating apps. It may not sound glamorous, but you can weed out the unfavorable people and find someone who has kids and is looking for that special someone to share their life with. The best part about dating apps is you don’t have to leave the house to find a potential match. You can see who’s out there when the kids go to sleep, or when they are busy with some game or tv show. The key is finding a dating app that is geared towards single parents.

Here are four of the top dating app choices for single parents in 2022

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Single parent using a mobile app for dating and meetings
  • Find an application that can be a place to start and currently has at least 3.5 rating in the App Store or Google Play. Make sure it has the potential to be great depending on your area user population. If it has abundance of filters that can help narrow down your search for the right person you want to date. People who are looking for serious relationships are mostly moving towards bumble instead of the opting for the more casual dating apps. So, you will have a greater chance at finding someone with your same priorities in mind.

  • It is even better to search for a 4-star rating or above and is directly marketed at single parents. Do not forget to look at fairly new apps that targets younger moms and dads looking for a mate. However, there are quite a few complaints about the pricing and various app bugs sometimes, so be careful. The developers take into account what its users are saying in their reviews, and they have been making adjustments over and over to make it more user-friendly.

  • Consider size of a dating pool that depends on your area and what most people use in your region. Look at popularity and recently local feedbacks. Users have seen an increase in fake profiles, but some apps does have a verified feature! So, look out for that verified mark to avoid any fake bot accounts.

  • Consider an oldie but a goodie websites. There are plenty dating websites for people looking for long term relationships, which includes those with kids! Some old and trusty brands ones of the most expensive dating companies to use, but they do have a comprehensive system, so you can narrow down your choices and you pay for the assurance of quality and brand-name.

  • The reviews are your best indicator after all as well as safety.

School events

There are multiple ways to get involved at school that will likely put you in touch with other single parents. One of the best is going to school events. Your kid most likely wants to be in some sort of sport or activity. Whether its baseball, chess club, or debate you will meet other parents who are supporting their kids at these events. Even if you don’t meet an available parent in the moment, you could make friends with others around you, and they could think of a single parent that could be great for you.

Sometimes it is all about making those connections that can introduce you to the right person. One of the ways you can insert yourself into social events is volunteering for the snack stand or to bring post game refreshments for an event and get to know the other parents that way. Generally, many of the parents volunteering are also looking for ways to get involved and make connections with people. So there is no reason to feel awkward or that you don’t belong.

  • Single parents can meet easily in the right places
  • You can use mobile apps if they have good reviews
  • Make connections
  • Use apps that are put emphasis on Single Parents

Overall, dating as a single parent can be scary, even overwhelming. You need to get along with someone personality wise, find them attractive, and have similar parenting styles – just to start. It can be nerve wracking, and rightfully so.

One of the ways you can combat the nerves of dating again are by taking it slow. There’s no need to rush and join every single app that is listed. Pick a couple ideas from this list and try your luck! There isn’t a point in stressing yourself out. You are more likely to burn out and give up or jump into something you don’t want if you are feeling pressured.

The dating game as a single parent isn’t all bad though. Remember, you are looking for someone to watch the kids grow up with, someone who will make memories with you and the kids. You will find that person who can add a level of companionship that will take some weight from your shoulders as a single parent. You just have to get out there!

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