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How do you know you're ready to date again as a single parent?

I'm a single mother of two children, who went through a divorce about 5 months ago. Lately, I have been feeling lonely and I want to make new connections but I don't just want to jump into a new relationship because dating as a single mother can be rough especially if I am not mentally and emotionally prepared. So I will like to ask how do I know I am ready to date again as a single mother?

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What i understand is that if a single mother who wants to get back on the dating scene, one of the things that gives you an inkling as to whether you're ready is the ability to ascertain you have healed from your last relationship, healed to a capacity where you can fall in love again. Ask yourself how you feel about the break up as of this moment. Another way to be sure is having your priorities and other aspects of your life in order, your relationship with your kid, your job, finances and family. Another way to know is that you have accepted any and all roles you played in the failure of your last relationship and you have learnt your lesson and worked on those roles. This will reduce the chances of failure in the next relationship because you would most likely feel like a stronger new version of yourself who is capable of loving again. Lastly, if you have figured out what you want exactly in this next relationship, do you just want a companion or a life partner for you and your child.

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Go out on a date and see how it goes. It can be easier than you think. You'll probably never be really ready until you actually do it!

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I would not force myself until I am mentally ready. Make sure you are healed and your kids are safe. Best of luck!

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Ruby Milke

When your weary, from sleepless nights, lonesome at mealtimes, hungry for chatter and smiles, bored of TV, hobbies, an well, friends. You know when your heart tells you to get into the boat and fish!

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