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How can I stop the influence of inlaws from a relationship?

In my prevoius marrige my husband and my mother-in-law had started to influence our relationship. It's really bad because it can force us to do things we don't want to do or prevent us from doing things we want to do. She also has this annoying habit of barging into our bedroom at any time of day or night and loitering there with no regard for our privacy. It was extremely embarrassing when she almost walked in on us... I vented my rage to my husband, but he was unmoved, claiming that it was her home and that she was a lonely widow. It's difficult to fight the battle alone, that's why I am putting it here, how can I stop the influence of my inlaws on my relationship?

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I think the first thing is to have an open discussion with your husband and make him see reason but based on your description, you might have to try again and make him see your perspective because he might be the only to help you out of this situation. Another thing you can do is to have an honest heart to heart talk with your mother in law. She might have no idea she is inconveniencing you and might be seeing these gestures as just being involved with her child and his wife. Chances are if you discuss the matter with her in a calm way, she will stop. During this heart to heart talk, you might also want to firmly and respectfully discuss boundaries that you think should be in place such as barging into your rooms and other strong inconveniences like that. In the meantime, try to ignore minor grievances, save your energy when major issues come up. Then calmly address them.

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Move to a different town

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Ruby Milke

I agree. Put some miles between you. Move far enough they can't see you on any daily or weekly habit. But I'll tell ya, better pyt your foot down on a few things. Just sayin....

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I think yeah if you move away that’s the best choice

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Jay Delong

legally??? Sorry hun wish I could be more of assistance but I’ll let others answer instead 😳🤦🏻‍♂️

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