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Would you disclose all your health issues to your partner?

I have several illnesses and am also trying to recover from several addictive behaviors. Despite this, I have been a high-functioning member of society, managing to complete a college degree, remain consistently employed since college graduation, and live independently; therefore, many people, including some members of my family, do not know the extent of my illness. I have been fortunate enough to have a supportive family, a small group of friends and acquaintances with potential, and an understanding employer. Unfortunately, I have also lost a few friends and some professional respect due to both my illness and inappropriate disclosure of my illness. I am concerned about relationships with the opposite sex if I should choose to become involved in one. Assuming that the gentleman with whom I am involved is neither in recovery nor living with illness, at what point is it appropriate to disclose my conditions, if at all?

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This is a very tricky one. I am really sorry about everything you have gone through. I have a friend who was also in a very similar situation. My advice is to tell the partner after confirming their interest in you and you also reciprocate the same feelings or before you have both decided to start dating exclusively. Talk to them about everything that has happened and is happening, about the whole situation. The benefit of doing this is that firstly, you will be giving the relationship a chance to thrive without a secret clouding the relationship. It would also make you secure in the relationship that your partner knows everything there's to know about you, the good, bad and ugly and still chose to stay with you. Also secrets have a way of destroying everything in its path when they come out.

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I agree with Kimberly. Once you feel things are getting more serious or exclusive, it’s good practice to disclose health issues in an open and honest conversation.

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James Russell

If a real partner, Tell all clearly. No hidden information

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It doesn’t need to be a first date topic of conversation. Feel it out as the relationship progresses. It should come up naturally as you grow closer to someone and start sharing more intimate details of your lives.

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