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Do you believe in finding one person and adjusting with them or dating multiple people to find the right person?

I recently met this guy through online dating site and from what have discussed together I think we have some things in common. I have started to develop some feelings for him even though I have a boyfriend who is also trying his best on his part. The problem now is that the guy that I met through online dating has invited me for a physical date and I am confused because I don't know if I should just date one person and adjust with them or date multiple people to find the right person?

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As I understood, one should date multiple people before settling down with the right person, however in your case you have already settled down with someone before you found someone else you feel suites you better. However if you feel you can go on a date with the guy and tell your boyfriend, then by all means I think you should do that. Sneaking around and seeing someone else when I have a boyfriend is not how I would date multiple people. I still think that dating multiple people is done when you're single and searching for the right person. You don't put a name to such relationships, it's getting to know each other to see if we suit.

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I would suggest talking to your current boyfriend about it. Don’t hurt someone in the process of trying to figure stuff out.

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Ruby Milke

I personally don't like dating multiple people at once. You never really get to know them. I like one at a time .

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I believe in love not at first site. But you can love many people. You have to play the field. People lie so much today it's hard it to believe anyone. Just be honest And do what's right. You will never regret making the right choices

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Your already with one. Focus your attention on him

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