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How do I walk away from a long-term relationship that I am unhappy with?

Sometimes I want to end this relationship but don't know how to make that difficult decision. I feel like I am stuck and don't have any other option because I am scared to be alone. I love this girl, and the relationship has lasted for about three years. Still, I have recently lost interest in her because it seems we have different perspectives about relationships and our goals do not align. I have discussed this with her, but it's not improving. I have been thinking of how to walk away from this long-term relationship because I am unhappy.

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I think one of the main goal in life is for us to be happy. I was in a similar situation some years ago. I had to be open and honest with her because I loved her and did not want to just ghost her. I told her the differences that has been concerning me. We came to a decision to get a relationship counselor and try to work on our differences. Surprisingly, with a lot of cooperation, we are still going strong till date and I love her more now than ever. I would advise that you both find professional help to assist you in ironing those issues and to determine if they can be resolved. However if you think they cannot be resolved or you continue to feel the same way especially after seeking professional help, you might want to talk calmly about calling it quits.

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Ruby Milke

Just do it. We can't make other people happy when we aren't. Hive yourself the breathing room you need.

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It will be hard but sometimes hard things are necessary. If you think you may have your own issues to work through, consider seeking help. Otherwise, give yourself the grace to work through everything that goes with ending a relationship. Be kind to yourself and take heart in the fact that you are doing this for yourself and for your future happiness.

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