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How long should I stay before talking to my partner after a fight?

Hi everyone. A friend of mine has been having issues with his boyfriend, which might sometimes lead to them not talking for days. Although according to her, it's her boyfriend that's usually at fault most of the time when they have issues. She also used to be the first person to start a conversation each time they quarrel, and it has been a thing of concern for her, so I will like to ask on her behalf how long she should stay before talking to her boyfriend after a fight.

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This is usually a common issue in relationships. I would advice that one should not stay too long before talking to their boyfriend after an argument, a few hours or at most a day. At that point both of you would be calm enough to have a level headed conversation about how to solve the argument and deal with such events in the future. I know of a couple that were close to me that came to the agreement that when they have fights, they would not go to bed angry or without talking the issue out. This has helped their relationship a great deal and made how they solved their issues healthier. I also advice that in cases of serious fights that looks like they are unsolvable, one can also call a timeout about the fight. During this timeout, the fight is considered a separate entity and both of can try to do something fun during that timeout, coming back to resolve that issue is usually easier and done with fresher perspective

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Immediately, once the fight is over it's over period. Don't let it sit inside either of u.

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