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Do you consider being friends with ex a red flag?

My boyfriend has remained friends with his ex for many years. He said he has no romantic interest in her that they are just good friends and I should work on my insecurities. But she is invasive and annoying, always interfering in our relationship affairs. Sometimes my boyfriend might even go ahead to discuss some of our private conversations with her and this usually hurt me a lot. I've asked him to end the friendship but he refuses. Should I be worried or consider the friendship between my boyfriend and his ex a red flag?

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In my personal opinion, close friendship with exes sometimes causes a strain in a relationship so yes it is a red flag to me. I think there should be a difference between exes who are on good terms and friendships that involve reporting conversation with current partners to that ex. Another part that is a huge red flag for me is where she interferes in your relationship, I think that is totally uncalled for and you might want to consider talking to your boyfriend about this. In the relationships I have been in when this kind of situation crops up, I try to make sure that that friendship with an ex, even if it would exist, should in no way interfere and invade my relationship with my partner. That really took the strain of an ex-invasion of the relationship.

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