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How do I handle disagreement between me and my partner?

Although conflict is a normal part of marriage and all relationships have some level of conflict at one time or another, But it's the way I and my partner handle our disagreements that plays a big role in whether we will stay together for the long haul or get a divorce later on. I love my wife so much that I can't afford to lose her due to unnecessary arguments or disagreements that we might have. That's why I am here to ask how I can healthily handle disagreements between me and my partner.

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Yes, I absolutely agree with you, disagreements are a normal part of a relationship and it shows that both parties care enough to fight, but how you handle it is the important thing. The first thing I do when I have a fight with my husband is to try and find out what the cause of the fight is and what stance I take on that issue. I also make an attempt to understand my partner's point of view and why they think that way. Please bear in mind that my husband has also grown to this way of thinking and that is also a contributory factor to how we resolve our conflicts. After that, we set a time to talk about it in detail after calming down, understood each other's point of view. I must confess, this part is so easy, it's like magic. There's room for agreement to another person's view or compromise. Another thing is to listen to each other. Insults and character assassination and name calling should be avoided at all costs. All conversations should stop at that point before someone says what they can't take back

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