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I told my new girl that my ex looks better than her. How do I fix this?

I'm in a fix; I met this lady on an online dating site, and we exchanged some photos of ourselves to get to know each other better. The relationship has been going well for a while now, and we've developed some intimacy with each other. I recently took her on a date and discovered that she is not as attractive as she appears in the photo she shared and that my ex is far more attractive. Where I made a mistake was in telling her that, in my perception, my ex is far prettier than she is; please tell me how I can correct this. I adore the girl's personality and don't want to lose her.

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Honestly I don't know how one can come back from this but there are some things you can try. Apologising and not just saying I'm sorry, please mean it. Being honest and admitting to one's mistake is a way of clearing such bridges. Another thing you could try is to tell her you find her beautiful and you also adore her personality. Make her understand that you chose her because she's what you want.Try to buy her flowers and gifts for and make her feel beautiful always. Also learn to compliment her from time to time and I am sure she will eventually forgive you

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Better start swirling…

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If you had said a stranger was more attractive, you might be able to recover. But an ex? That’s so personal and we as humans, I feel, tend to already fight feelings of “are they constantly comparing me to past relationships?” and unfortunately you confirmed it for her. As a woman, I would move on. But that’s me. Maybe she has less negative qualities that tend toward jealousy or self confidence than I. What the heart feels, comes out of the mouth. But no one is perfect. If nothing else, you’ve learned and can grow.

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