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How do I properly deal with jealousy in a relationship?

My girlfriend told me that on Friday night she had been invited to a party and told me she was going without me. I immediately asked why I could not go with her. She assured me it was an all-girls party. I was not happy about it, and it showed because I gave her an attitude throughout that day. I later found out that the party was truly an all-girls party, which makes me feel sad about feeling insecure about my girlfriend, and too much jealousy in a relationship could eventually lead to a breakup, which I don't want. Please help me with this on how I can properly deal with jealousy in my relationship.

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I was once like this in my relationship, always jealous and insecure. But I found ways to cope which you might find useful. One of the things that helped me was that I was able to recognise the flaws and issues I had personally which might be former trauma or just plain possessiveness. Then I owned them, I accepted that my jealousy was part of my issues to deal with and not my partner's. After that introspection, I decided to be open with my partner and express how I feel and how I have been trying to deal with it. Thankfully she was supportive and that contributed greatly to my healing. I still have flare ups every now and then but not like before.

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