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Can you date someone much younger than you as a lady?

I was going through a brutal breakup and he was my subordinate at work, a new joiner. It was never love at first sight, but we clicked right from the beginning. It was not the fact that he was jaw-dropping good looking that made me talk to him, but his maturity and sincerity towards work that made me work harder with him. The poor boy was slightly low on confidence but was extremely honest towards his shortcomings and brave enough to take constructive criticism. I always saw a spark in him and his brightness made me promise him a better future and a rock-solid job. I helped him learn at work since he was a fresh graduate. I helped him secure a good job and taught him to believe in himself. He pulled me out of depression and made me laugh each day until I was snorting! Within a few months, we were literally spending each minute together. Nights would bring back my old memories and make me feel suicidal, but he would force himself into my dark life at that point of time. He took care of me like a guardian angel until I recovered from my past and fell for him. But I am just worried because I am much older than him. That's why I want to ask, can you date someone much younger than you as a lady?

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Of course, you can date someone younger than you as a lady. So far you see good qualities in that person and I have found myself falling in love with him and he makes me happy. Quite frankly, what else am I looking for? Why would I deny myself happiness because of a few measly years difference between myself and my lover. I know it sounds cliche but age is just a number. Will there be a few raised eyebrows and wagging tongues? Absolutely! But if I am happy with this person then I would ignore what other people are saying. I think my happiness is more important than people's criticism. I know it is not as easy as I am saying it but it's worth giving it a try when you're happy with that person.

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