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How can I tell if someone is right for me?

Two years ago, I started dating this man, who has been very different from all my ex-boyfriends. At first I didn't want to date him because he was not my type, but he wore me down with his cute face and the way he treated me like a queen. Over time, feelings began to grow, and we started dating in earnest. But very recently, I have been having doubts if he is the one destined to be my soulmate because he has been hinting towards marriage. How do I know for sure he is the right man for me?

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I understand there are many ways to tell if a man is the right one for you from the little experience I have gathered. Palpable physical chemistry, or physical attraction, if you find yourselves attracted to each other, if both of you are happy when you hold hands or look at each other even after years of being together. When he has a genuine interest in your life, if he cares about the things that you care about or truly listens whenever you talk about things that you are passionate about. If he is a kind and trustworthy person. Does he speak about good and not abusive things? If he's honest with you and doesn't keep secrets from you. If both of you have the same fundamental values and beliefs i.e you both have the same goals or agree on basic things. Has he changed you for the better. Has he been a positive influence in your life? Answers to those questions will tell you what you need to know.

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I think when you do not have to pretend to be someone. So if you are being yourself with someone that’s the sign you have the right person.

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