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Should you date someone much older than you?

I am a 21-year old student studying botany at the university. I met a lady when I went to a family friend's function about 3 weeks ago who is about 5 years older than I am and we started talking. We had so much in common that we exchanged numbers because we both had plans to go to the same lecture before we even met. We had so much fun at the lecture that we went out together again and again and again. And now, I am falling for her, but I don't know if I should be dating someone that is so much older than me.

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I believe one can date someone who's older than them. There are more important things to a relationship and trying to make it work than age. The goal is to have a companion who makes us happy. From what I see here, both of you are compatible, I don't think there's any harm in seeing if it could work out between both of you. Like the common adage, age is just a number. So far there is understanding and smooth communication between both o you there should be no problem at all. Two of my colleagues at work are currently married to someone older than them and they even have chidlren and are living peacefully and happily.

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