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Do you prefer an introvert to an extrovert in a relationship?

Last month marked 7 years since I got married to my husband, Matt. While we love each other very much, it hasn't been a smooth sailing marriage. To be honest, I would say our relationship is getting rocky. This is because I have a social personality and I like going out to parties and meeting new people and having fun outdoors. Matt is more of an indoor kind of person who's content with staying inside and goes out when it's necessary, for work and events he can't miss. When we first got married, it was cute and we complemented each other, but now it's the opposite. I still love him very much, but it is looking like someone has to change. I want to ask if you all prefer an introverted or extrovert in a relationship.

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Ruby Milke

I'd say no. I'd prefer an extrovert. They could quiet theirselves but an introvert may not see the way out.

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