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What is the greatest challenge that you ever face as a single parent?

Hi, I've been a single parent with two kids for over a year now. Sometimes it seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done while balancing work and family at the same time. It's not easy because sometimes I have to put my own needs aside to focus on my kids first so that they can feel comfortable and safe. What can you say is the single greatest challenge you’ve ever faced since you started your journey as a single parent? There are likely a lot of them, but which one do you think I should be ready for?

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I think one of the biggest challenges I have faced since I was a single mother is decreased finances, stress and spending less quality time with my babies. The reason I mentioned three instead of one is because they are important and the causes of each other. Since my husband died, I have had to be the only breadwinner of the family. This has made me to look for a higher paying job which has consumed a larger part of my time. This higher paying job combined with being the only one taking care of my kids has made my stress reach astronomical levels. It has made me unable to spend enough quality time with my family. I recently had to seek the help of a nanny to be able to keep up and to reduce my stress.

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I think one of the many challenges I have faced as a single parent is discrimination and judgement from friends but thankfully not my family. Once I introduce myself as a single parent in the community or in my child's school, there's usually this look of judgement at first, and little offhand comments about how it's not easy even for them in a more traditional household. They actually say those things out. How they don't wish for such and pity people in that condition. People start checking to see if your child is keeping up, if you are keeping up, keeping an eye if your child looks even an inch unkempt and blame it on single Parenthood. So I think you should be ready for discrimination from friends and community.

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