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Do you get any emotional support from family and friends?

Hi, being a single parent hasn’t been an easy job for me, and the emotional drainage can be worse. My baby girl is still six years old so I have to be everything for her. I’ve been playing mom and dad since my ex and I separated. I’ve had to be the disciplinarian, which I’m naturally not. It's a lot of pressure and it can be very overwhelming at times. Although I get support from family and friends even without asking. My mum and my brother, especially, always offer a shoulder to lean on. But there are those moments where I just have to pick myself up and it can be so hard to do so. So I just want to know if you get any form of emotional support from your family and friends and is that ever enough to keep you going?

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No, I actually don't get emotional support from my family and friends. I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant at a young age and my parents wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. I was later abandoned by the mother some months after she gave birth because she couldn't cope. I have been a single parent for years now and I can say I have been doing it alone. And what I think is that having support is sometimes overrated. Most single parents have to be strong without emotional support or help from anybody and they are doing okay and fine. Personally, the bond I have with my child is enough support to keep me going.

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I also get emotional support from everyone in my life. My child spends almost every weekend with my parents and she loves it so much there, it's hard for us to make her come home. My sisters also come to stay with her and babysit her sometimes. Whenever I am frustrated with everything going on, my parents calm me down by reassuring me I'm doing okay and that helps a lot. To be honest, when I see how much she's loved by my family, it's enough emotional support to last me for months. It leaves me with enough time to take care of myself and recharge myself. So yes for me, it is enough that I have such support from my family and it is enough to make me get up every day and be thankful that I am that lucky.

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