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How do you manage work and parenting responsibilities?

So, as a single parent, I’ve been struggling to manage my time and schedule, and I also have to juggle my kids’ needs and mine. Plus I have a full-time job, making it more challenging to find the time and energy to be both a parent and an employee. Even when I had a part-time job, there were situations where it was either my job or my kids. Although my kids always come first for me, I almost always go to work late. It’s been years now as a single parent and I still haven’t been able to balance work and family. How do you do it? How do you strike a balance between work and parenting responsibilities? And if you haven’t, how have you been coping?

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The way I strike balance between work and my kids is by building a daily routine, a family schedule so to speak. One thing that made this method work was that I created the routine with my kids, this made them want to assist me in following the routine. They wake up when the alarm rings. I no longer need to force them to pick out clothes or get ready to have their bath. I also try to prioritize daily tasks, that is to set new expectations for the next day every day. I list the task for the next day in order of importance. People underestimate the importance of taking breaks to have fun and spend quality time with the kids. No matter how busy you are, craft a specific day or days to spend with your family. This helps to drive home what your priorities are.

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I know this is radical but it helped me a lot because I couldn't keep up at my former job which was full time no matter how much I tried. So one of the things that helped was that I made a career change. I started working remotely as a Virtual Assistant and this changed my life. I was able to work less hours at home on my own schedule most times. In addition I earned more money than before but even if I did not it was worth it. This is because I was able to spend more time with my children than before. Chores were easier because I was staying at home. Another thing I think can help is to try to leave work at work. Finish all your tasks at work. Don't carry extra papers home to work on. Let the time at home be for your family alone.

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