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How do you deal with the loneliness of being single?

I’ve been a single parent for years now and it’s been incredibly lonely. A lot of times I just want a partner to share my joys and struggles with. Even though I have my kids and people who love and supports me, it often feels like it’s just me against the world. I’m very close with my kids, but they don’t understand the loneliness of doing it all alone. There are a lot of things I can discuss with them even though they are a bit grown. Yes, parenting is a unique experience for every single parent, but I think loneliness is often a common factor. What are the strategies that have helped you deal with this loneliness? Are you considering getting another partner, or is there someone else in the picture already?

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To be honest, I am considering getting a partner but I am pretty sure I am not ready for that yet. I decided that I had to find a way to help myself when I am lonely. So these days, I go to where people are, the park, bookshop, coffee shop and spend a couple of hours surrounded by people while working on my laptop. Weirdly, this helps me a lot, I people watch sometimes but most times the hustle and bustle of people is enough to make me feel less alone. And I have made friends this way, friends who I can't imagine my life without them.

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I have also been a single parent for years now. One of the things that have helped me was that I was able to find a sense of belonging. I joined a single parent forum and made friends with people who were also in the same shoes as I was. This allowed me to cultivate a sens of belonging and I felt less alone. Another thing I did was to identify when I feel lonely and fill it with either what I love doing like knitting and reading or talking to friends. I also try to meet up with my friends and family or visit them. I believe this helps to nurture the existing relationships one already has. If a friend I have missed is too far for a visit, I try to call them and ask after them, share stories and laugh with them. All these most times lessen the ache of loneliness

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