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How do you manage discrimination from work, friends, and society?

Hi, I understand that there’s a stigma in our society that is attached to being a single parent, especially for single moms. But it’s been worse for me since I also face some level of discrimination from my friends. I’m a single mom with two daughters and it is hard enough that I get discriminated against by people that don’t even know me, but I also have to deal with the same treatment from my friends. It is subtle, but it is still there. Even when things are going smoothly, it often feels like the whole world is against me. Work can be a particular struggle. Sometimes, my siblings offer to help with the kids on weekends, but it can be hard to accept their help because I don’t want them to see me as a burden. What’s single parenting been like for you and how do you manage discrimination from work, friends, and society?

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One of the things that had helped me to cope with discrimination as a single parent is that I had to develop the ability of letting things roll off my back. What do I mean? I consciously remind myself that people's opinions about how incapable single parents are or statements about what caused the situation in the first place is not a reflection of myself or other single parents. It is their prejudiced thinking. I know and I am secure about how hard I work and take care of my family. And to be honest that is more than enough. As long as my child feels loved and I can provide financially and emotionally for my kid. That's enough and nothing anyone can say will make me feel bad.

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There many ways of coping, as silly as it sounds, the ability to have a group of people or friends going through the same thing goes a long way for me. I can vent to them and they will understand me. We laugh and share our experiences with discrimination as single parents. Another way is to firmly and respectfully address situations of discrimination that warrant it. As much as one wants peace, we still don't want to be overridden in the society. To maintain your mental health, one might have to cut off friends that discriminate against single parenting, being a single parent is already difficult. Why make it harder by surrounding yourself with unsupportive friends.

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