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How do I cope with a cheating partner in a relationship?

I’ve been cheated on thrice and it hurts every time hurts like the first time. I tried my best to forgive and move on each time but this time around I don’t think I can get over it. One of the major reasons it’s so devastating is that I keep wondering why he keeps cheating; if it’s all my fault or if it’s just who he is and I just didn’t see it initially. And whatever the answer might be – which I’m not expecting to get – I feel like there’ll always be a lingering doubt that I wasn’t enough for him. What saddens me the most is that I genuinely love and gave my life to this relationship. Have you been cheated on before? What steps do you take immediately you found out and if you’re still dealing with the emotional rollercoaster, what are you currently doing to get over it?

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I think it's hard to cope with a cheating partner but one can try, one of the things that can be done is to find time to take care of yourself, it gives a chance to take a break and make your emotions settle, you would also be recharged to tackle the issues on ground and make a decision. Situations like this sometimes might require counselling with a relationship therapist or coach. Another way that has worked for me is acceptance, it was hard but I accepted the things I couldn't control, like my partner cheating on me, whether or not the relationship will work out, or whether he'll also cheat again. This right here is the hardest but it can be done. I also tried to see the opportunity as a chance for me to learn and grow, looking back I ascertained whatever role I contributed to that situation and tried to work on it.

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What I am doing to get over the emotional turmoil of getting cheated on countlessly was to break up. This may not be what you want to hear but it is my story and it really helped me. I broke it off, it took me a long time to muster enough strength to do it but I had to. This is because as much as we tried to work it out, my partner wasn't able to stop cheating. my ex continued sleeping around and I had to put myself first, my mental, physical and emotional health had to become priority. It was not easy because my ex tried his best to change and made me happy sometimes but it had to be done so that I can be fully happy.

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