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How do you feel about making a commitment to someone with Children?

Hello! I’ve been going out with a single mom for a while now and things have been going smoothly, but I keep wondering what it’s like to be in a committed relationship with a single parent. I understand that her kids will always come first for her and that’s fine because I can’t even imagine coming between them. But I also worry that her kids might see me as competition for their mother’s love and attention. And although I’ve met with her kids I also wonder if they’ll like me or if we’ll ever get along. Have you dated a single parent before? How do you feel about making a commitment to a single parent and heads do you have for me?

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I don't feel any different about dating a single mother. Is it more peculiar than dating a single person? Of course it is but there are some things you might need to know and apply. Firstly, try to be friendly with the kids especially at the first, second interaction, they ar children your shyness and nervousness might come as cold and aloof to them. Do this you will see that they'll like you and want you around them. When you see them, ask how they're doing. The trick is to be their friend at first, not their parents. This can make them relate well with you.

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I don't really feel comfortable with dating someone that already has children. I may get backlash for this but it is how I feel. I love children but I would not be comfortable with taking care of and loving other people's kids as my own. I feel as time goes on it would become obvious when I have my children that there is a difference and I don't want to cause any child emotional trauma like that. Also, I have this fear that this person might dating me because they need help with their kids and not because they love me and want to be with me.

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