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Why did your marriage or last committed relationship end?

Hi, I’ve been having some troubles with my partner and it doesn’t seem like we can come back from it. Love is a beautiful thing and when we find someone to share our lives with it often comes with a refreshing and colorful feeling even with the awareness that it could all end in devastating heartbreak. That was how we started; devoted to each other, but things have been shaky for the longest time now and I just want to know if this is what it feels like when it’s all coming to an end. I know different people break up for different reasons, but there has to be some common denominators. So, what ended your marriage or last committed relationship? What was that particular thing, or series of things, that your partner did that broke things off? Or was it you? Regardless, why did your last committed relationship end?

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The one particular thing that ended my last relationship was that I was not comfortable with my ex partner's relationship or friendship with his ex. And this feeling is not unwarranted. They spent too much time together even more than my ex partner spends with me. My ex gossips about what is supposed to be private and then the ex gleefully tells me knowing fully well that I would not be happy about it. I told my ex about it, I didn't even lay down an ultimatum, just that I think their friendship should be limited. My ex refused and all, I decided to call it quits because I felt like there was unfinished business between the both of them. Moreover, such a situation is unhealthy for me. I also deserved to be first in my partner's life.

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There were a series of things that caused myself and my last partner to break up. We have been having interference from family to get married but I was not ready as much as I convinced myself otherwise but the pressure was so much that we started fighting about the matter. It already caused a strain in our relationship. We both made statements we couldn't take back. But the straw that broke the camel's back was that I cheated. As much as we tried to work it out, our relationship did not survive that devastating blow.

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He was physical and verbally abusive..So I left him

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