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Are there any tips you would like to offer fellow single parents?

One of the greatest challenges I face as a single parent is the lack of time. With work, and sometimes school, and taking care of the kids by myself, there's barely any time left for personal care. Another huge challenge I face as a single parent is financial difficulty. It's hard enough to make ends meet when you're living on one income, but when you're also handling all the expenses in the house, it can be close to impossible. Plus it can be super lonely sometimes. I find it hard to make time to socialize because there is always something that needs my attention. Even though I get support from family and friends, my problems are mine and I still have to deal with them alone. So, from one single parent to another, does it ever get easier? What tips would you offer a fellow single parent and what can I do to make things a bit easier?

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Yes, as time goes on it gets easier, there are some tips that have helped me over the years. I try to create a budget for the month or year and stick to it as much as possible except in times of emergencies. Also, I try to do some side hustles that can generate money without taking too much time. Another thing I did was to make trades with other single parents, one of them watches the kids for a day and I get to take time to take care for that day, it makes me energized and ready to tackle another week or month. Sometimes I say no to laundry on days I'm very tired or just order in a pizza one night, I try to tell myself it's okay to let things go.

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First things first, please try not to feel guilty or blame yourself as a single parent about things that are out of your control like lack of time, the fact that you can't provide enough for your children. Attempt to always comfort yourself with the fact that you are trying your best. You might also have to ask for workplace flexibility from your boss, if there are some projects you can work on from home, that could be helpful. One thing is to know the right time to find quality child care. It might be time to add babysitting or nanny funds to that budget. It would take a lot off your shoulders and create more time for you.

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