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Do you think couples should share chores and child-care responsibilities?

My partner and I have a full-time job and we typically don’t get off until 6 pm. We take turns in taking the kids to school and picking them up after school. However, we start having problems when it comes to chores and who has to attend a parent meeting in school. Chores need to be done and raising kids comes with a ton of responsibilities that goes way beyond providing financially. Being a working parent is hard enough, and to always quarreling over who’s to handle chores and the kids is tiring. I know many couples share chores and child-care responsibilities easily so I don’t know why it’s so difficult for my spouse and I to juggle work and chores. What do you think? Should couples share chores and child-care responsibilities or should it be all left to one partner while the other partner focuses on providing financially, irrespective of gender?

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Honestly, as archaic it may sound, I believe that one partner should focus on providing financially while the other partner focuses on taking care of children and house chores. But this is no longer feasible in today's world, most households cannot survive on double income talkless of single income. In situations like this, I think it's only fair that child care responsibilities and chores should be shared between parents that both work almost the same hours every day.

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I think sharing chores and parental responsibility should be based on income. The person earning more income and inevitably working more hours should take a lesser role in child care and responsibilities. For one this would enable them to focus more on providing financial stability for the family. Then the other partner can focus more on taking care of the children and other parental responsibilities. However for this kind situation to thrive, there should be effective communication and cooperation between both partners so that one of them does not begin to feel bad

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