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Is there any benefit that you enjoy as a single parent?

Hello, I’m about to become a single parent and I’m wondering if it’s all about moving from one challenge to another. There are numerous stories and cases of single parents narrating how beautiful their experience as a single parent is. Yes, I know being a single parent comes with a lot of challenges, but are there also any benefits? Amidst all the struggle and challenges there have to be things you look at that get you going; things that give you joy and make you appreciate your life for what it is. I’ve heard a lot of parents give the same popular answer – “my kids.” But what more is there to it? What exactly makes you happy as a single parent? And if there are any benefits to being a single parent, what are they?

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As much as there a lot of challenges I face as a single parent, One of the things that make it worth it is the fact that all my attention and love is just for my child, because of this I have developed powerful bonds with my child. There's this trust that I love him with all I am and want the best for him. Since I got divorced, there are fewer arguments that would have caused emotional turmoil for my child. Our home is more peaceful and I myself have peace and this has helped my child to focus and be happy. There's also freedom to make decisions about the well-being of my child. It has also made me become more positive with my parenting. I am able to discuss more with my child about why what he did was wrong instead of scolding him

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Being a single parent has helped me to grow up fast and become independent. There are many things about taking care of a house like changing the sockets and stuff that I have had to learn by myself. I think when one has to do most things alone from paying bills to house chores. Stopping is not an option when one has the sole responsibility of taking care of a child. This exposes you to create techniques on how to manage yourself and your time. Another advantage is that you become grateful, no divorce or break up is without a lot of problems but you are grateful that you were able to come out of it stronger and you are getting your life and that of your children better.

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