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How do you find time to date as a single mother?

Hello, I’ve been a single mother for five years and I can say it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Not only is raising kids a full-time job, but I also have to take care of myself and my home. On top of all of that, it can all be so isolating. I struggle to socialize, take some time to take care of myself, and find time to date. And it has been super difficult to find time to date as a single mother because I’m always busy handling something for the kids or doing chores. I also hardly ever have time to go out and meet new people, and even if for the times I do, I’ve never met someone who understands my position. So, how do you find time to date as a single mother? How can I make it possible?

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I believe one way to find time to date as a single parent is to ensure you are one hundred percent ready, just this alone will give you the push to free up time to date. This is because you have finally decided to do something you want, not that you were forced. Another thing is to make dating a priority, a new year resolution if you will. It is easy to sit at home and be tired but you can try to make the extra effort to find time to look good and go out to have fun. Another thing is to be patient and pace your dating life, dating as a single is different from dating as a single parent. Try to be comfortable with the fact that you won't be able to go out every night. Take things slow and steady with your new partner.

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Honestly, the answer is entirely dependent on ones personal situation. If you have 50/50 custody, or live close by to relatives who can babysit, then yes, you should be able to find physical time. However, if you have sole custody then yes you may not be able to find time. For one I try to use online dating apps to try to find promising candidate at any time to suit me, them I try to chat with them for a while to know which one I truly want to meet. It's at this point I really have to free up time to meet with the person and see where things go from there. Some dating apps even have setting for single parent dating like this one (ParentSwirl). You can try to enlist help from friends and family after setting up a date to babysit your child. You can go on child friendly dates, a trip to the park is an ideal way of entertaining your kids while spending a little time with a date in a public setting

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