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Do I need my child's permission to date as a single mother?

I’ve had to deal with a lot as a single parent, but it gets complicated when it has to do with dating. I don’t want to do something that’ll hurt my kids in the long run. I want to find someone who will love my kids and I. But I also don't want to introduce my kids to too many people. It has been hard and each time I go out with someone new I keep wondering whether or not I need to tell my kids. How do you handle it? Do you seek your kid’s permission to date as a single mom?

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In my opinion, I don't think I need my child's permission to date as a single mom. I also don't need to tell them I am dating someone unless it is serious. However I believe I can chose to do so, I can choose to tell them I'm going out on a date, I am dating someone. It is a choice to tell your kids not a Mandatory situation.

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I feel like I don't need my kids permission to date as a single parent but I need to tell my kids about my intention to start seeing people. In fact that is the most important thing once you decide on dating as a single parent. Telling your kids about it in a way they would understand would enable you to build trust with them. I also don't believe in introducing every one I date to my child unless it is getting serious and I have calmed my mama bear instincts that they would not cause any kind of harm to my kids.

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