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How do you manage your child's relationship with your partner?

Hello, so I’ve always found it hard to manage the relationship between my kids and my ex. I’ve had to be all I can for my kids but managing my children’s relationship with my ex is just something I’ve not been really good at. And it can be downright overwhelming. I try as much as possible to maintain a healthy relationship with my ex, but my priority is to make sure my children feel comfortable and secure around him and his new partner. I don’t want to drive a wedge between them and their father but I also want to protect them from any hurt. So, in what ways do you manage your child’s relationship with your partner?

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The first thing one can do is not to badmouth their father or say bad aspects about your relationship him. He might be a different person entirely to his children and they are entitled to know that part of him. Another things is to make your children spend time with their father, create fun activities they can do together. You can also try to discuss boundaries with your ex, lines that should never be crossed by your respective partners. This can help create a balance relationship with your ex and allow you both to communicate healthily about the children

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I think one thing to keep in mind is my children's happiness and safety. If their father and most especially his new ex are exhibiting behaviors that I am not comfortable with around my children or treating them in a bad way. Then I believe I owe it to my children to communicate with their father about the matter and expect that he does better and also talk to his partner. If that does not happen, then I might have to tell the children that their Daddy needs to work on his issues before they can go see him. I would try as much as possible to be honest about the situation.

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