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Are you comfortable with dating a man with a child?

Hi, I’ve been going out with a single dad for a while now and it seems like we are heading towards a committed relationship. I’ve had flings with a single dad before but this is a whole new ball game. I understand that single dads are juggling a lot of balls and sometimes they drop one. And that they have to put their kids first so I need to be patient and understanding for things to work out just fine. However, there’s the issue of having to deal with his kid’s mom. It hasn’t happened yet but I know it is unavoidable, as long as this kid’s mom is still in their lives. I also don’t know for sure if he’s over his ex. Nonetheless, it’s all a unique and sometimes exhausting experience. But I keep what more there is to it. So, I want to know if you’re okay with dating a man with kids – whether you’re ready to raise someone else’s kids in the event of marriage. And if you don’t have a problem with facing his ex.

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I think it is because I want to be the first person to have a child for a man I am dating. Knowing that he has loved another woman enough to have a child with her is overwhelming for me and I just couldn't cope with it. I might also start feeling like I am an unpaid nanny to a child that is not mine. Like you said, the forever long relationship with the ex at least until the child is an adult and even then, it will still continue is also not something I can deal with, she would always have the part of him I would not have and that honestly is not what I want as a person.

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I am very comfortable with dating a single Dad. I believe so far we have things in common and I want to be in a relationship with him, then having a child is not a problem for me. In Fact the way he behaves with his child, how caring and attentive he is would be one of the things I would find myself loving about him. I believe this shows that he is a kind and responsible person to people he loves. The only thing I would request for is boundaries between himself and ex because they would have to relate every time because of the child. I would just ask that we develop mutual respect for each other to avoid clashes around the child.

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