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Who should take the custody of the children?

Hi, my partner and I finally had the divorce conversation a couple of weeks ago. And for a while now, it has been an issue whenever we have the custody talk. She earns more than me but I have more time to care for the kids. We can both agree that I’m in a better position to take care of the children but we still argue about who should keep them. We keep talking about doing what’s best for our children. But I think this is a difficult decision to make. I want to know who should take custody of the kids. I can provide for the kids financially and it’s okay for her contribute to. However, I keep wondering what is best for the children. I don’t know whether it is best for them to be with their mom since they are still young or if it’s more important for them to be with me since I have more time to be there for them. Which situation would you rather put your child in?

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Ruby Milke

Too many times dads have been put by the wayside and I think alot of them are perfectly capable of raising the kids. Sometimes. They just DONT need to be w mom. Too many courts have kept them w mothers that didn't contribute to fostering the kids. I say give more dads custody.

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