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What is the best age for my kids to start school?

My neighbors just gave birth to twins. I and my wife went to their house to pay a visit to them for the safe delivery of their children. We then got discussing when my neighbor ask the question what is the best age for my kids to start schooling? I don't know the answer to this question as I am also confused but I composed myself and told him I will get back to him on that. Keeping in mind that children develop differently, I want to ask what is the best age for my kids to start schooling? I will also educate my friend on this after I got my answer.

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It’s pretty standard for kids to not start going to school until they are five or six. Schools have a cutoff, so if the kids are five before September first of that school year then they can start school. If they turn five after that September first cutoff, then usually they have to wait until the next school year, which is where the six may come in. But this is for standard school. Kids can go to preschool at earlier ages. Some preschools even take babies that are only a few months old if the parents need to work. Preschool is very similar to normal school in that they will be in a large group of kids with a teacher, but they don’t tend to learn things as much, instead doing arts and crafts.

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