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What kind of extracurricular activities are kids involved in at school?

My kids were watching the news yesterday night when they saw the world record holder for men's sprint Usain bolt. Immediately my male child brian said he wants to be like Usain Bolt. I was really surprised and happy that he fell in love with the sport at such a young age. I told him Usain Bolt started training right from when he was small and he engaged in extracurricular activities when he was in school. So I want to ask what are the extracurricular activities offered for kids in the school nowadays that my son can engage in?

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The extracurricular activities that the schools offer really depend on how old the kids are. Elementary school-aged kids might be able to soccer, T-ball, basketball, volleyball, and whatever clubs the school offers. In middle school and high school is when track and field are usually introduced. I was on my school's team in middle school and high school which is how I know this. That’s when there will be even more clubs and maybe even school plays. Most of the extracurricular activities will be the same from school to school, but the clubs will maybe be different, and more will be offered when kids get to higher grade levels.

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