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What's the best way for me to keep my kid safe in school?

I just enrolled my children in elementary school. As we all know elementary school can be overwhelming, both for students and parents—even more so during a pandemic. While kids navigate classes and critical development years, my major worry is about bullying, emergencies, and other scary incidents reported happening to kids in school on the television every day. I have been searching for various ways to keep my child safe in school and I cannot come up with any tangible solutions. This is very important to me as I value the safety of my child greatly. I want to ask what are the ways I can keep my children safe in school?

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Honestly, the best way to keep your kid safe in school is by talking with them. First, do some research on the schools' safety policies and safety measures. Also, make sure you have a few different ways of getting to the school that you and your child will both learn. And then just talk with them about it. Explain what they would need to do in certain situations, whether it’s bullying or an emergency, and have these talks somewhat regularly. Obviously, you don’t want to make it seem like a ton of bad things can happen to them, because it will freak any kid out. But making sure that they are prepared for most situations, and that they know how to handle themselves, is really the only way to keep them safe.

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