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What do you think is the most important thing for kids to learn in school?

To be specific, my kid came home one day and he was asking me if he can skip algebra classes. He is not too fond of calculations in algebra classes. This question now got me wondering what is the most important thing kids learn in school. As we all know education is not majorly academics and I will like my kids to be well versed in all angles of life. This question has been bothering me but I can't find a specific answer to it. Please what is the most important thing kids learn in school?

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Core academic subjects, like math and reading, and science, are all important things for kids to learn in school. But most kids will only need the basics, depending on what they decide to do for their career when they are adults themselves. If you are going to be an artist, you might not need to learn how to do calculus. Some of the most important things that kids need to learn in school aren’t all that obvious. School teaches kids about responsibility, caring for other people, how to stick to a timeline when something is due, how to work with people that have a different mindset than you, and so much more. Classes are important, but it’s some of these other skills that will be used throughout your child’s life that are really the most important thing that they will learn in school. They could maybe learn these things outside of school, but it may not be as effective as in school.

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