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What do you do as a single parent to motivate your child to learn?

As a single parent, it is not easy taking care of my kid alone. There are days I will feel down and sad from the stress of catering for my kid alone without any support. Just last week, my kids class teacher told me my son is not performing well in school. He getting low grades in his test and exams. I have told him to always read his book but this seems not to be working as his grades are not still improving. I care for my child and I want him to do well in his studies. I want to ask how single parents motivates their children to study?

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I know there is a lot going on when you are a single parent and there is a lot of stuff that you feel like you have to do, but I would recommend sitting down and helping your child with his work. It’s possible he isn’t understanding how to do it but isn’t wanting to ask for help, but this will also mean that you know he is putting in the work. Also, you could show him that even you are learning new things by learning a new hobby or reading more books when he can see you doing it.

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