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My child struggles in class. What should I do?

My child is always having a difficult time in school. He is a slow worker and very easily distracted. Although he loves school and wants to succeed he is unable to cope with the workload in class. He has a very short attention span and never really gets into his work or assignment. I am trying to find a way for him to cope and make much greater academic progress. This will be of great joy to me as I can't bear him not doing it in class. Please what do I do for him to stop struggling in class?

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Everyone wants to see their child succeed in life so it’s really hard to watch them when they are struggling. One thing you could do is try to slow things down at home. When helping with your child's homework, help them slow things down and take things to step by step to be sure that they actually know what they are doing. Also, you could speak to your child’s doctor about getting them tested for a learning disability. It’s possible that your child has ADHD or ASD, or something else entirely, and really can’t help what is going on in his brain that is making him have a short attention span. It can give you and your child answers and possibly help make it easier for your child to learn if he does have a disability that is.

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