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Does technology makes learning easier for children?

My boss at work was telling me how he has gotten all the latest technology for his children to study. While I don't have a particular opinion on whether technology makes learning easier for children or not, I asked why he bought the gadgets for his children and he told me he was advised to do it as it improves the learning experience of children. I am not sure if this is true as I think children are easily distracted and they have a short attention span. Considering the result on the students in its entirety how can technology make learning easier for children?

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Honestly, it really depends on the age of the kids and how mature they are. These days, more and more schools are paying for laptops to be in each classroom, in every grade. A lot of them are programmed to only go to certain sites so that the kids can’t get distracted by doing other things on them. Technology might make it easier for some kids to learn, but it’s definitely not the case for all kids because everyone learns differently. So it really just depends on the kid, but technology can be a tool to help kids learn or a distraction for others.

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