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What happens if a kid doesn't show up for school?

One of our best students John did not show up for school today. I ask his friends why he didn't show up for school but they said they don't know what is wrong. I reported to the head master and also didn't know what to do in situations like this. Should we contact the parents or raise an alarm over the absence of the kid in school? I understand school can be stressful on children as they are just developing and cannot withstand too much stress. So I want to ask what happens when a student does not show up for school.

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What usually happens is the school will call the kids parents and tell them that their child wasn’t in school that day. The school should say that if they were not aware that their child was not in school that day to call them immediately or to call the authorities. If the parent never calls back, but the kid is back in school in a day or two, it’s probably safe to assume that the kid had a cold or was sick. Many schools have a policy where the kid needs a note from their parent or legal guardian that explains why they were absent. Unless the parent shows up at the school with no idea where their kid is or the kid hasn’t come to school in a few days and the parents haven’t communicated at all, calling in the authortices is rasing to many alarms if it is just a one-time thing.

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