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How long should my nanny or babysitter be with my child?

My partner and I just had our first child together. We have both decided that we want to keep working once our parental leave is over. So we need a nanny during the day, and maybe a babysitter for when we have date nights in the future. The thing is, I don’t want my baby to become dependant on the babysitter or nanny. I’ve heard that kids can become really attached to their nanny and babysitter and I don’t want to scar them if the person has to leave us sometime in the future. But we really do need someone to take of the baby while we work all day. How long is it okay for our baby to be with a nanny or babysitter?

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Since you and your partner have decided to start working all day. You should be able to leave your baby with the nanny for that period of time you're at work but left to me it shouldn't be more than 8hrs per day.When you get lunch breaks or windows of time during work, it is alright that you go home and spend time with your child before going back to work. While it is possible that your baby will become attached to the nanny, spending time no matter how small with your child will still help to keep the bond between both of you alive as your baby grows and mature. Quantity of time does not always matter but the quality of that time always does matter.

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