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Is it necessary for my babysitter to have first aid training before being hired?

My partner and I are in a bind and don’t really know what to do. We have a work event coming up that we have known about for a couple of months now. We reached out to our normal babysitter and had them scheduled for the dates in advance. Apparently, something came up so they won’t be able to watch the kids then. We started looking for another sitter and we found one. But apparently, they aren't first aid trained yet. They are just getting started 'Childcare: Babysitters' so it’s understandable. Apparently, the training will happen in a few days, right before the night that we need the kids watched. But we need to hire someone now or keep looking for someoneelse before we can’t find anyone available for the night. Can we hire this babysitter before they are first aid trained? Or do we need to keep looking elsewhere?

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Based on what you said, I think that you can hire this babysitter. Firstly, the babysitter is going for the training right before the night the kids need to be watched. They would have acquired the necessary skills before they babysit your child. Secondly, while having basic first aid knowledge is important in a baby sitter, if your child doesn't seem to have any medical issues that can result in devastating emergencies, then you can go for this babysitter.However if your child has any special medical issues or life threatening allergies, you might have to quickly look for a babysitter that has first aid training along with experience.

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