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Which is better, an aupair or a nanny?

As a person who has been at home with my kids, I’ve never had to think about this kind of thing before. I recently got a job and we are trying to figure out the best option for our kids. Aupairs and nannies have been coming up a lot in our search. The thing is, we can’t figure out which one is better. My partner and I just want to make sure we find a person who will take excellent care of our kids while we are at work but we really can not tell which option would be better.

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Honestly, it really depends on your family situation. Care-wise, both an Aupair and a nanny should take excellent care of your kids. Both come with some things that need to be figured out though. Aupairs can’t watch kids under the age of three months unless the parent is in the house to supervise them. They also can only work a certain amount of hours each week. Aupairs basically become family embers for two years as they will live in your home while they are in the country. Nannies can take care of kids of any age and work as many hours as you agree upon. However, you have to make the contract yourself and treat them as an employee that you have hired. They also have to be paid your state's minimum wage while Aupairs only need to be paid the national minimum wage. Neither one is better than the other, but one will expose your kids to another culture and become family to everyone for a time, while the other will have to be thought of and treated as an employee.

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